About us

At Bougainvillea, we craft and retail responsibly made clothing for conscious living. Just as our namesake, the flower Bougainvillea, we are global, unassuming and relatable in spirit.

We consciously choose to push towards sustainability and longevity not only in terms of the material but also design that will last beyond trends.

All our fabrics come from an environment that respects the planet; working directly with craftsmen to ensure their maximum benefit. All our clothing is made in our production facility in Pune, India, allowing us to have control over workmanship.We started our own hand block printing unit in Jaipur in August 2021 enabling us to develop our own prints and interpret the craft.
Launching in October 2019, we opened our first store in Pune in November 2020 and our Mumbai studio in October 2021. Exporting across three continents, we enshrine the principles of fair and good trade practices.

Our entire team works in a happy, well lit space and earns fair wages. We encourage our team to enhance their skills and grow in their career, being careful about their physical and mental health. We choose to be ethical, fair and responsible in all our practices.

We look forward to you joining our Bougainvillea family!